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The Wilshaw Benevolent Trust (WBT) is a trust fund with charitable status which exists for the benefit of individuals who are or were connected with Cable & Wireless and who find they are experiencing severe financial hardship with no means of alleviating their situation.

Over the years the Trust has been able to provide a number of small lump sums to people living in the UK and overseas.

These have been granted to assist with the type of unexpected one-off expense that can cause considerable concern when personal funds are not very high.

An example of this type of request has been the purchase of mobility aids which can be very expensive. The assistance of the Trust can make a big difference to an individual's ability to continue their normal pattern of life, particularly after natural disasters, Acts of God etc.

It has to be emphasised that the Trust can only help where there is genuine financial hardship and not where people are in a comfortable position but are unwilling to dip into their own capital or realise an asset. Assistance cannot be given where its effect would be to replace payment from social security resources.

Requests for assistance with long term care and replacement of cars are received periodically, but regrettably the potential cost of this type of assistance is beyond the means of the Trust.

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Steve Bladon, Wilshaw Benevolent Trust, Eastern House, Porthcurno, Penzance TR19 6JX

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